photo by Douglas Beasley Photography

photo by Douglas Beasley Photography

François Richomme

Musician, composer, sound engineer and sound designer based in Montpellier-France, François Richomme creates the scores of many world class dance productions. His work investigates : the relation between sound/music and movement/dance, how vibration affects the body, movements of sounds using multiple speakers installations and explores how dance and choreography can become a source language defining musical structure in composition.

With Rosy Simas, his main collaborator since 2013, Richomme has composed the music of choreographic works “Threshold”, “We Wait in the Darkness”, “Transfuse”, and “Skin(s)”. 

Since the mid 80’s, Richomme has performed and presented his work around the globe : Maui Arts & Cultural Center (Hawaii), Judson Church (NYC), Stern Grove (San Francisco), Chicago Cultural Center (USA) - Bienal de Danca do Ceara (Brasil), Q Theatre (Auckland, New Zealand), MAI Montréal Arts Interculturel (Québec), Gekken Theatre (Kyoto, Japan), His Majesty’s Theatre (Perth, Australia), Düsseldorf Tanzmesse (Germany), Festival International de Video i Arts Digitals de Girona (Spain), New Territory Festival (Glasgow, Scotland), Festival of Visual Arts of Casablanca (Morocco), Busan Dance Festival (South Korea), Festival Montpellier Danse (France), and Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland).

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